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Massage Richmond

Injury and pain sooner or later affect you, especially if you have an active lifestyle or if you are involve in sports. Sports massage can help in preventing injury from happening or happening again, one of the reasons it is becoming a necessity. Physiotherapy and chiropractors promise to prevent and treat injuries but if you already tried this and still in pain, allow us to help you.

We offer personalise corrective exercises and deep tissue bodywork for pain removal in our Richmond facility. Our people are experts in treating and completely eliminating pain cause by sport injuries. We are here to help you when all other pain removal options can’t completely remove your pain. Over the years, we have proven that our techniques in removing long-term neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and other injuries are very effective and efficient. In most cases, you can instantly experience improvement of your body after the massage. Osteitis pubis, knee pain, headaches and migraines, and hip pain are also our specialisations.

Young athletes in AFL football are more prone to osteitis pubis. This condition is a chronic groin pain from the pubic symphysis but the impact is all over the groin and hip regions.

Long-term knee pain is usually cause by muscle imbalances between the medial and lateral regions of the upper thigh, which negatively affect the knee stabilization and patella tracking.

Headaches and migraines could be the result of tension in certain muscle of the upper back and neck. We can easily treat this condition by applying our unique techniques that are proven by our satisfied clients or patients.

Hip pain is usually due to the intrinsic muscles which are rotating the hip joint both externally and internally. Allow us to give you the right diagnosis on this kind of hip pain, which is often misdiagnose by doctors.